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A wiki about the ever-expanding fanfiction, The ROBLOX Code! Read up on Grean and the rest as they struggle in an epic quest that will finally lead them to the end: the ROBLOX codebook itself.

The Roblox UniverseEdit

"Nobody really knows how big the universe is. Some say it's small and inside our heads, and some others say it's massive and branched. Some just wish they'd make up their minds and figure out what exactly the universe is."  --The ROBLOX Code: Before the Code 2: The Gold Planet, introduction

"It has been said before that the ROBLOX universe is a staggeringly mindless and agitating place."  --The ROBLOX Code Book 1, blurb

The Roblox Universe is officially off its rocker. Planets crash into each other on a daily basis. Wars start for no reason at all. The collective IQ of all life drops by 0.5 every year. But through all this we've still made an effort to document said universe and learn about it. Here's a good place to start looking.

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